About Me

Raf playing One Piece at Japan Expo

Playing One Piece at Japan Expo

Raf is an aspiring data scientist, contemporary artist, Japan enthusiast, founder of Nihontastic.com, has a BSc. Computing degree from Sheffield Hallam University and is currently studying MSc. Big Data Analytics. Raf lives in his hometown of Leeds, United Kingdom.

As well as working as a software professional, Raf formally studied Japanese, for which he has been awarded a Certificate of Distinction by Leeds Beckett University. It was during this time when Raf created Nihontastic.com (Nihon being the native name for Japan) to inspire people to study Japanese, motivate people to visit faraway places, cook and eat Japanese food and to gain new knowledge.

Raf started his career as a software developer because he enjoys building, creating and solving problems. He embraces activities that challenge him to solve problems in creative ways, and this is what makes him passionate about Big Data. By enhancing his expertise in Big Data, Raf is synthesising what he loves to do for fun, with what he plans on doing for work. Raf see’s Big Data as an encapsulation of the human life and mind in the information age.

email: hello@nihontastic.com

twitter: @Nihontastic


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